Brown Butter Scrambled Eggs

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Every year, our Christmas breakfast consists of the same five components.  Each is integral to our family tradition, which leaves little room for modifications.  The traditional morning feast consists of grapefruit, orange juice, breakfast sausage, Merks Coffeecake and scrambled eggs.  This year, I thought the eggs could benefit from a dose of brown butter, and a little culinary school knowledge.

brown butter scrambled eggs

At culinary school, one entire day was devoted to eggs.  Even if you are an egg-lover, upwards of 10 egg dishes is excessive.  Though I dont often make baked eggs in cream or a rolled omelette, I only use a modification of the French scrambled eggs technique I learned

Making creamy, soft scrambled eggs is very easy.  Instead of rapidly stirring the eggs, and cooking them until dry, this method produces fluffy, light scrambled eggs.

The key is to use a spatula and slowly move the cooked outsides inwards.  As you gently stir the eggs, its important to watch for the moment when theyre almost cooked.  Then, remove the pan from the heat and fold the eggs in on themselves until all surfaces are just done.  Then, you add butter, to stop the cooking and instead of tight, dry curds, you have soft, heavenly eggs.

As for the addition of brown butter?  Well,  youre already melting butter to cook the eggs, might as well make it the most delicious version of butter there is.

Make your own Brown Butter Scrambled Eggs!

Serves 2

In a medium bowl, whisk together 6 eggs, 1/4 cup whole milk, 1 teaspoon fine sea salt, and a hefty dose of freshly ground black pepper.  Whisk until the yolks are broken and the entire mixture is uniform in color.  Set aside.

Now make the brown butter: Heat a medium skillet over medium heat.  Add 3 tablespoons butter and cook until dark golden brown in color.  Swirl the pan as the butter melts.  The foam will reside and the butter will have a nutty smell and an amber color after about 2 to 3 minutes.

Add the eggs to the pan.  The pan will be very hot from making the brown butter, so the eggs on the outside of the pan will immediately cook.  Gently fold these towards the middle of the pan with a spatula.  Let the process repeat, folding the outside cooked parts into the center until the eggs are in large curds and look almost cooked, about 4 to 5 minutes.  (They will look wet and shiny, but have distinct forms.)  Turn off the heat, and keep folding the eggs in on themselves until cooked, and not shiny.  Add 1 tablespoon butter, season with salt and pepper, and serve!

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